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Viking Double Head Blade Medieval Axe

Original price was: $180.00.Current price is: $140.00.

Viking Double Head Blade Medieval Axe $180.00 Original price was: $180.00.$140.00Current price is: $140.00.

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: steel

The use of weapons was fundamental in Scandinavian culture during the Viking Age and, every free Viking – every bondi – not only owned and carried a weapon always with them but was familiar with its use and handling. Bearing arms was one of the fundamental rights of free men; Hávamál himself prays

“may there never be more than one step away from our weapon, no matter where or when.”
The Sagas tell us that the peasants carried them with them while working in the field or on the farm and that many men slept with their weapons hanging on the wall, next to the bed. The right to bear arms was limited to free men, with women and slaves excluded.
A Viking was equipped with an axe, spear or knife, and shield.
The ax was the star weapon of the Vikings and has been found in almost all sites, including in some female grave goods. These could be of different types, the most common being the short-handled axes – those used both by peasants and farmers and for war – and the long-handled ones, the war axes that were used with two hands, which were only for combat and required a lot of skill in their use.

• Viking ax with two blades.
• Decorated with Viking motifs.
• Wooden Handle.
• Length: 60 cm


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