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Medieval Axe

Also known as a battle or Danish axe, the Medieval axe is designed for combat. The axe comes in various sizes and designs to suit various functionalities. Most of these axes are crafted from steel with a wooden shaft.

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Showing all 8 results

Medieval axes are versatile and thus ideal for use in numerous ways. Some of the available versions include the Medieval war axe, and Medieval Huntsman axe among others. The exclusive collection of Medieval axes in our catalog comes with great power that enables you to cut with precision. Our Medieval axes are hand forged from steel, and carbon and come with three leather covers. Discover premium and authentic Medieval axes from a wide collection of options available on our platform. The battle-ready Medieval axes are explicitly forged to provide a powerful blow on every strike. Medieval axes are forged using steel, iron, or bronze for an enhanced performance. Viking fanatics can leverage the versatility that comes with Medieval double-sided axes to upscale their fighting skills. Our custom-made Medieval axes are not only light but also ideal for both long and close combat. Unlike a conventional axe that is mainly used for splitting wood, Medieval axes can be used for both assault and combat. These axes not only deliver great power in every strike but also serve as a great weapon. For efficiency and better functionality, the double-blade Medieval axes can single-handedly be wielded when you are under attack. This saves time while giving you control over an enemy. Depending on what you intend to achieve, Medieval axes provide solutions to every cutting need. Besides being hurled during close contact fighting, Medieval axes are not only ideal for wood splitting but also for skinning and beheading animals. All this is dependent on the type of duty you intend to perform. For example, if you are looking for a heavier axe that can deliver powerful cuts with much precision then the double-blade Medieval axe is a perfect option. Unlike the smaller versions that can be hurled with one hand, the double-blade Medieval axes deliver more powerful strikes when limbing or clearing small bushes during camping or hiking. Therefore, if you are looking for a multipurpose axe that serves better in a variety of tasks including hunting, splitting firewood, or skinning animals then a battle axe is an absolute choice. Besides being swung with two hands, the battle axe is a perfect addition to your toolbox. While the axe features both long and short handles, you can opt for the shorter handle when stepping out for camping. The shorter Medieval axe cuts across multiple functionalities thereby highly recommended for camping. In addition to clearing bushes, the Medieval axe can be used to split firewood for the campfire, slaughtering animals among other duties. Our custom-made Medieval axes are hand-forged from heavy carbon steel. Most of our axes feature a sturdy wooden shaft designed to suit various war tactics. Whether you are looking for a single or double-blade Medieval axe, our collection has something for everyone. Place an order now for a custom hand-made carbon steel axe precisely crafted with a pin on the back for penetrating armor. Whether you are looking for a spiral engraved handle or an axe blade with a rear spike, all these options have an intimidating and deadly ability for multiple tasks. Typically, battle axes weigh far less than conventional axes. This is because they are mainly designed to perform lighter tasks like climbing. The versatile aspect of Medieval axes makes battle axes a popular weapon and tool among camping and hiking enthusiasts. Discover our exclusive collection of axes and wield your favorite axe like a Viking warrior.

Here are popular Medieval axes Available on our online store.

Medieval’s Huntsman Axe

Medieval Huntsman’s axe features a wooden shaft to improve grip on every strike. The axe comes with a steel blade firmly fixed on the wooden handle for enhanced performance. The axe doubles up as a deadly tool and weapon making it ideal for various tasks. Besides splitting firewood, the Medievals’s Huntsman’s axe can be hurled around when launching an attack. That way, you not only stand a chance to fight safely but also keep the enemy at bay. The axe ranks better in many aspects. For example, if you are a hiking enthusiast looking for a light axe that you can hurl during an attack or clear small bushes then a Medieval Huntsman axe is a perfect option.

Medieval Archer’s Axe

Medieval Archer’s axe doubles up as a tool and weapon. Depending on size, the axe can either be used for cutting or hurling at an enemy during a battle Unlike conventional axes that are primarily used for splitting logs or limbing, the archer axe comes with a hammer that can be used to pound stakes into the ground. The axe features a tapering slot at the edge. The rounded head integrated into the blade is used to pull out nails from wood. The archer axe is forged from steel while the handle is crafted from hardwood. Medieval’s Archer’s axe is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a multipurpose tool and weapon. Besides hammer functionality, the axe features a strong blade and a lighter handle for easier welding.

Medieval War Axe

The medieval war axe is a replica of the Historical axe used by mounted knights. The axe features a steel blade, a wooden handle, and a rear spike that can be used in piercing armor. The Medieval axe comes in different dimensions ideal for different situations. The axe is one of the most popular weapons and tools for camping enthusiasts in the UK. Own a powerful and versatile axe from the UK’s best Medieval axe seller on the internet. We not only feature top-notch axes expertly forged with high precision but are also versatile to fit various needs. The Medieval war axe is a key addition to our battle-ready weapons. It delivers great power and features a pick on the back for easier penetration on each strike. The axe has a powerful chopping head and versatile functionality to suit multiple roles. Perhaps the most popular hand weapon among Vikings, the Medieval war axe features a solid wood haft decorated with a spiral pattern. The axe comes in different designs custom-made to suit the needs of every Viking enthusiast. Become a fearless Medieval warrior by including specialized weapons in your armory. The medieval war axe ranks better in every aspect. Designed for warfare, the Mediaval’s axes are not only portable but also exist in various dimensions as per customer needs. The axe can not only be wielded during a battle but also comes with a rare spike that you can leverage to grab and attack an enemy. Medieval’s axes are generally lighter. As synonymous with war weapons, the axes are lighter to facilitate efficient usage and functionality. Weighing between 0.5 and 3kg, the functionality of Mediaval’s axes goes beyond cutting. Whether you intend to pull out nails from wood, use it as a hammer, or simply look for a deadly versatile axe to execute multiple tasks, you can explore a variety of offers available on our platform. We not only guarantee unmatched quality but also an exclusive collection ideal for every budget.

Double-Headed Medieval Axes

Double-headed Medieval axes feature a deadly chopping head crafted from carbon steel. The axe comes with a leather cord for a better grip. Extra weight provided by the second axe head powers the strokes for better attacking power. The double-headed feature on the axe not only provides more options when launching an attack but also offers more striking angles for better performance. Order a double-headed Medieval axe from us now and upscale your fighting skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a Medieval axe cost?

The cost of a Medieval axe on our platform is dependent on the size and material used in crafting the axe. You can purchase an axe from us at as low as $60.

How long does it take to deliver a Medieval axe within the USA?

It takes 5- 10 days to deliver an axe of your choice within the US.

Does buying a Medieval axe offer value for money?

Yes. A Medieval axe offers more than what an ordinary axe provides. The axe comes in a variety of versions to suit everyone’s budget.

Can I order a Medieval axe outside the USA?

Yes. We have partnered with credible courier service providers Worldwide to improve the efficiency of our delivery process.

What is a Medieval axe used for?

A Medieval axe doubles up as a weapon and tool. For example, a Medieval axe is used for splitting firewood, limbing, or clearing bushes. Functionality varies depending on the design.

Why is a Medieval axe ideal for combat?

Unlike a conventional axe that is bigger and heavier, a Medieval axe is smaller and lighter in weight. They also feature different types of blades to enhance performance during a battle.

What are Medieval axes made of?

Medieval axes are hand-forged from various materials. You can either opt for steel, bronze, or iron blade. For better functionality, most Medieval handles are made of hardwood. This not only makes it easy to wield but also improves durability.

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