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A pick axe is a multipurpose tool widely used by miners, geologists, and households. The tool has traditionally been used in Agriculture where farmers leverage its features to get rid of weeds, dig holes, and break down large soil in readiness for planting. While a pick axe is sometimes adapted for warfare, it is heavy and may be difficult to wield like a sword. Even though the tool was designed for farming in prehistoric times, it has evolved into a versatile tool that is now used in mining, and general construction and sometimes adapted for warfare. The pick axe features different versions that suit the needs of every user. Even though mining has been highly mechanized, a pick axe is still useful, especially in shaping rock. Whether you intend to get rid of stubborn weeds, break up hard surfaces, general use, or Agriculture, a pick axe comes in handy.

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Showing all 5 results

We pride ourselves on stocking high-quality multipurpose pick axes optimized for both quality and ease of use. The double-headed pick axe is designed to provide a longer fulcrum and balance.
To enhance efficiency during usage, the pointed end can be used for both prying and breaking while the axe is used for peeling, hoeing, and cutting roots. Therefore if you intend to farm in rocky soil and are stuck on how to go about it, we encourage you to explore various versions of pick axes available on our platform. While most mining companies embrace the use of machinery, a traditional mining tool still provides help where machines may not be needed. Our platform features versatile customizable hand-forged pickaxes that you can leverage to loosen the soil, cut, shape mined stones and rocks, and lift items on the farm among other uses.
Our catalogue features a variety of pickaxes that can be used for many types of jobs. Therefore if you are looking for both versatility and quality, it is high time you explore an array of options available on our platform. A pick axe presents a pool of functions that other types of axes may not offer. The tool is not only useful in removing turf but also essential in getting rid of tree roots through loosening soil, breaking rocky soil, and hardened clay that a shovel may not. While the axe has been used by farmers and miners for many years, it has evolved to become one of the most sought after tools in many households and the construction industry. Therefore if you are looking for an efficient and multipurpose tool, It is high time you consider purchasing a pickaxe from our platform. We not only feature premium and high-quality pick axe designs but also align our tools with the current trends. This aims at ensuring our catalogue stocks items that are perfectly aligned with the needs of the current market. Whether you are a farmer, working in the construction or mining sector, a pick axe is a must-have tool for your work. The utility of the pickaxe goes beyond breaking rocks. Besides removing weeds from the farm, households are now leveraging the features for landscaping and breaking hardened surfaces. It is for this reason that we prioritize stocking an array of pick axes targeting different usage. Each version of the pick axe on our platform is designed to address a wide range of usage. You can check out a wide range of options on our platform to buy one that best suits your needs. Therefore if you haven’t added a pick axe to your list of must-have tools, it is high time you buy one from us today. We not only feature a wide range of options at discounted offers but also blend an array of designs to fit the needs of every user.

Here is why you should purchase a pickaxe from us

Utility of Our Pick Axe
Our catalogue features many versions of pick axes designed with a high level of craftsmanship. Whether you need one to use in the farm, mining, or construction sector, we have a wide range of options that you can explore from our platform. The utility of a pick axe goes beyond farming. We always update our catalogue with the latest pick axe designs to align our tools with modern needs. A pick axe is a must-have tool if you intend to take your farming techniques to the next level.

100% Cash Refunds
We issue 100% cash refunds on all the tools purchased on our platform. Whether you feel unsatisfied with an item delivered or receive the wrong product, be rest assured of a full refund. We are a customer-centric platform dedicated to ensuring every customer gets value for money. We encourage you to purchase a pickaxe on our platform to enjoy secure and transparent engagement with our dedicated team.

Free Return Policy
Our free return policy allows customers to return delivered items without incurring extra costs. The policy applies to items delivered within 30 days. This means we do not accept a pick axe returned once the 30-day window period has lapsed. We, therefore, encourage customers to return delivered items as soon as they receive them for replacement just in case they may have received the wrong order. Our free return policy extends beyond items purchased outside the USA.

Customer Satisfaction
We have a dedicated customer service team that works 24/7 to ensure every customer is attended to in real-time. Whether you experience delays, are unable to place an order, or face challenges with our platform, we are always on standby to help out. We continue to build lasting relationships with both new and old customers to ensure what we offer is aligned with their expectations, place an order now to experience unmatched customer service from our highly skilled team.

Discounted Offers
We offer up to 30% discount on all versions of pick axes available on our platform. We blend both quality and affordability to ensure customers access premium items at discounted offers. We strive to help customers access all types of quality pick axes at pocket-friendly prices.
We encourage you to try out our offers to enable you to stock premium pick axes at the best market rates.

Variety of Options
Our catalog features different versions of pick axes aligned to the needs of every user. Whether you need a pick axe for farming, mining, or construction, we have a wide range of options that you can explore.
Therefore if you are buying a pick axe online for the first time, we encourage you to reach out to us so that we can help you select one that best suits your needs. While we have stocked the best versions of pickaxes in the market, they may not suit the needs of every user. It is therefore important to contact us so that we can help you purchase a pickaxe that perfectly fits your needs.

User-Friendly Interface
Our platform features a user-friendly interface to enable customers to navigate and transact with ease. If you are planning to purchase a pickaxe from an online store for the first time, you can leverage our payment gateway to execute your orders effortlessly.

Timely Order Delivery
We partner with credible courier service providers within the USA and other parts of the world to guarantee timely order delivery. Once you place an order, you can rest assured to have it delivered to a place of your choice within 10 working days. The delivery duration may vary depending on location and time zone. Orders placed outside the USA may take up to 20 working days or less. The duration is dependent on the type and number of pick axes ordered. The higher the number the longer it may take since it may take more time to ship bulk items.
Free Shipping Policy
Another aspect that sets us above the rest is that we support free shipping on select items. This means you may not incur the cost of shipping when buying certain items from our platform.
Free shipping aims at relieving you of extra costs that you may incur when purchasing from our platform. Items that qualify for free shipping are delivered to customers at a place of their choice irrespective of location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for free shipping?
Anyone qualifies for free shipping as long as the items ordered meet the set criteria.

How much does a pickaxe cost on your platform?
You can purchase a pickaxe from our platform at as low as $95.However, the price may vary depending on the type of pick axe ordered. For example, they feature different materials that may attract a higher price tag.

Can I get a refund after purchasing from your platform?
Yes, We issue a 100% refund just in case a customer feels unsatisfied with the delivered item. However, it is important to note that refund requests are reviewed and processed on a case-to-case basis.

Do you offer Discounts?
Yes. Customers enjoy up to 30% discount on select items. The rate of discount may vary depending on many factors including the number of pick axes purchased, type, or other considerations as may be reviewed from time to time.

Does purchasing a pick axe offer value for money?
Yes. A pick axe is not an ordinary tool. The utility goes beyond cutting as is the case with a traditional axe. The axe can be used in construction, mining, farming, and households. For example, a pick axe has been used since prehistoric times in the mining and Agriculture industries.

What can a pick axe be used for in farming?
A pick axe is widely used by farmers to get rid of stubborn weeds, break stone and tough soil in readiness for planting. The axe comes in various versions that farmers can leverage to improve their farming skills.

Can a pick axe be used as a weapon?
Unlike a sword that can easily be wielded, a pick axe is heavier and blunt. This means it may not be the right weapon to use when warding off an attack. Plus, it is a two-handed tool meaning it may not be a perfect weapon for anyone looking for ways of fighting off an enemy fast and effectively.

Is it necessary to sharpen a Pickaxe?
It may not be necessary to sharpen a pick axe because it is mainly used on hard surfaces. Plus it is not an ideal weapon for war meaning sharpening may not be necessary.

Why is a pick axe still used in the mining industry despite the availability of mining machinery?
While a pick axe has traditionally been used in mining, it has evolved to better versions compared to earlier. Many versions are now designed to help in shaping and cutting rock into the required sizes. This is why the importance of a pick axe in the mining industry can not be underscored.

What’s the maximum number of Pick axes that I can purchase from your platform?
We offer both retail and wholesale options. You can order a single piece or several depending on your budget. We partner with top retailers and courier providers to ensure every customer can access a pick axe that suits their needs.

Do you deliver items outside the USA?
Yes. We partner with credible courier providers worldwide to improve the efficiency of our delivery process globally.

How long does it take to deliver a pick axe?
The delivery timeframe may vary from one region to another. Plus the number of items ordered may have implications on the delivery timelines. Typically, it takes at least 10 days to deliver items within the USA. Delivery in other parts of the world may take up to 20 days or less depending on the time zone and types of pick axes ordered. The closer you are the faster you will likely receive a pick axe.

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