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Fire Axe

A Fire axe is a popular powerful weapon commonly used by firefighters to break through glass, wood and other materials to facilitate rescue operations. The special axe feature a pick back that can either be used for prying, poking and twisting during breakage. Aside from breaking through buildings during rescue operations, a fire axe comes with a back edge that can be used to cut roots during forestry operations. In such case the pick is ideal in chopping and pulling up debris. Our catalogue features an array of variants designed to suit various functions. Whether you are looking for either flat head or pick head types of fire axes, you can choose from a variety of options available on our platform.

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Showing all 5 results

A fire axe is a must have weapon and tool that you should include on fire racks and stands. The special axe offers more than what an ordinary axe can do. Besides enabling users to break through doors or windows to gain entry during emergencies, you can leverage the axe to chop holes on a roof for better ventilation. Therefore if you are wondering how you can break through rooms and other places during a fire outbreak, a fire axe features an array of variants that you can leverage to facilitate smooth rescue operations. The fire axe features a steel blade , a wooden handle, and a variety of blades designed for firefighters to easily dismantle glass, wooden surfaces and other soft areas of a building structure during emergency operations. To improve visibility during operation, the handles come with a variety of colors aimed at enhancing visibility during an emergency. Designed for firefighters, a fire axe is a versatile weapon and tool suitable for breaking down roofs, windows and various sections of a building during an emergency. Therefore if you find yourself stuck on how to gain entry into various sections of the buildings to facilitate rescue operations, then its high time you consider adding a fire axe on your tool rack. In addition to breaking through a car during an emergency, a fire axe can be used in multiple firefighting operations including battering, chopping and many more. To enhance performance and power, the axe heads are forged from high quality steel. That way, users can effectively execute rescue operations without worrying about breakage. The fire axe comes with a heat treated cutting edge which produces RC 45-55.Plus the cutting edge is coated with fire engine red enamel aimed at improving quality through eliminating cases of rusting. While a fire axe has widely been used in cutting down trees and firewood, we have enhanced its design to offer more valuable options. Today the fire axe is widely used across the US and many other parts of the world to not only kill and butcher animals but also as a weapon. Therefore if you are looking for a versatile axe for your day to day needs in your household, camping, fire rescue operations and many more, a fire axe is an ideal option. We are a one stop shop for all fire axe variants that you may need for your next firefighting rescue operation. Our Fire axe catalogue features a wide range of options that suit the needs of every firefighter or household. Place an order now and let us help you order a versatile and powerful tool for your next firefighting operation.

Why Purchase A Fire Axe from us?

Variety of Options
We have a variety of fire axe options that suit the needs of every user. Whether you are looking for an axe to help clear bushes, cut firewood or multipurpose, you can count on us. Some of the options available on our platform include pick back, flat back edge and many more. All these options are designed to perform a variety of functions as per the needs of every user.

Guaranteed Quality
We partner with top brands to stock high quality axes. Our axes come with extra power since they are made of steel and blades coated with red enamel to prevent rust. This explains why our fire axe doubles up as a versatile tool and weapon that can be used to break through doors and windows during rescue operations.

Discounted offers
We have premium offers at pocket friendly prices. Besides fair pricing, we offer upto 30 % discount on select items. Check out our platform now to explore a variety of offers designed for your needs.

Reliable Customer Support
Our team works 24/7 to deliver efficient and timely customer support to customers. We are committed to offer excellent customer service to ensure every customer gets value for money. We encourage you to check out our offers now to enjoy unmatched customer service experience.

100% Refund Policy
We disburse full refunds on all items purchased on our platform. Refund requests are reviewed and determined within 5 working days after purchase. To facilitate a smooth refund process, we encourage customers to reach out immediately to fast track the review process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I receive a fire axe after purchase?
We deliver within 3-5 days for items ordered in the USA. Items ordered outside the USA may take upto 15 days depending on the location and time zones. However the process may take a shorter period depending on various factors.

Can I order a fire axe outside the USA?
Yes, we partner with credible courier service providers worldwide to facilitate smooth delivery. This means anyone can order a fire axe from our platform regardless of location.

Can a fire axe be used as a weapon?
Yes. Besides being used to break through windows and doors during fire rescue operations, it is an effective weapon that you can use to fight back an attacker. This is why the axe is widely used by butchers and hunters in killing animals.

Do you offer Discounts?
Yes. We have a variety of discounts on various items. Customers enjoy upto 30% discount on exclusive offers.

Can I return a fire axe?
Yes. Our return policy allows customers to return items they feel don’t meet their expectations. We facilitate free returns for all items purchased on our platform.

Can I order multiple items ?
Yes. You can order multiple items and have them delivered at a place of your choice.

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