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Bearded Axe

A bearded axe is a multifunctional weapon featuring a durable handle and blade. If you are a fan of camping and looking for a powerful weapon that you can use for both safety and cutting tree branches, then a bearded axe is an ideal choice for you. The iconic axe features a beard that can be used as a hook during an attack. The hook can be used to either neck pull or snap a man’s leg and pull it away. Whereas the bearded axe has primarily been used for woodwork and creating smooth surfaces, it is an effective battle weapon. Given the nature of armored fighting, a bearded axe is made of lighter material for easy wielding. The axe is popular among skilled Viking warriors since it is a powerful and deadly weapon that can be wielded with one hand.

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Showing 1–9 of 27 results

Foresters and modern woodworkers leverage the bearded axe for shaving and planning wood. The axe features an extended blade for a better and faster cutting edge compared to a traditional axe. The distinctive design makes a bearded axe a perfect option where a sword or spear is required. The weapon is versatile for camping compared to other axe designs. Considered battle-ready, the axe should be handled with extreme caution due to the extremely sharp blade. The strong blade made from premium material makes it a potent tool for long-lasting performance. The blade is made from 410 stainless steel with an HRC of 38-45. This enhances performance while guaranteeing unmatched quality. The bearded axe comes with high-quality leather sheaths custom-designed for the axe. The leather wrapping aims to ensure tight gripping during usage. The premium features that come with the axe make it one of a kind. If you are looking for a powerful and authentic Viking axe that guarantees both power and versatility then it is high time you consider purchasing a bearded axe from our platform. The axe features a Japanese white oak handle and a thick laminated SK5 blade. For enhanced functionality, the bearded axe comes with a Karelian birch wood handle and a U8 steel blade. The premium materials used in forging the axe make it one of the best multifunctional axes. Therefore if safety is your top priority during camping then adding a bearded axe to your toolkit is a perfect idea. Viking warriors in the USA and other parts of the world prefer a bearded axe because it goes beyond what an ordinary axe can do. Whether you want to split wood, clear bushes, smoothen wood surfaces, or enhance safety during your next camping adventure, a bearded axe is a must-have tool for you. We encourage you to explore an array of custom-made bearded axe designs available on our platform. We always update our catalog to ensure every customer gets what suits their needs. We blend both traditional and modern designs to inject a unique touch into the Viking market. Unlike other types of axes which can mainly be used in splitting wood, a bearded axe can be swapped with either a sword or spear. This is attributed to the beard feature which enables users to either shield out an attacker or grab and battle them to the ground. The axe has an average weight making it easy to wield using a single hand. Advanced features that come with a bearded axe make it effective in delivering superior cutting power and precision. A bearded axe is considered a powerful Viking weapon compared to other axe versions. Blending both high quality, unique, multipurpose, and premium features, a bearded axe is a must-have tool and weapon for every home. The bearded axe comes with leather wrapping, premium handles, and rust-free blades for enhanced quality. The premium axe is an authentic Viking weapon that blends an array of features that you can’t find elsewhere. Place an order now and enjoy the superior premium features that come with a wide range of bearded axe designs available on our platform. We not only guarantee quality but also unmatched customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you issue refunds?
Yes. We disburse 100% of the amount used in the purchase. Approvals are dependent on the issues raised by a customer.

What is the difference between a bearded axe and traditional types of axes?
Whereas a traditional axe is mainly used in cutting trees and splitting wood, a bearded axe can be used for both tree cutting and weapons.

Does buying a Bearded Axe offer value for money?
Yes. A bearded axe ranks better in terms of both quality and versatility. It comes with a high-quality blade, unique design, and premium materials for both enhanced performance and superior cutting precision.

Can I order a bearded axe outside the USA?
Yes. Besides delivering in the USA, we have partnered with credible courier service providers worldwide to facilitate smooth delivery.

Can a bearded axe be used as a weapon?
Yes. A bearded axe features a unique design and a powerful blade for superior performance during an attack. The beard is used to grab and shield the user from an attacker. The axe is a deadly weapon since it can easily be wielded with one hand and swapped with a sword or a spear.

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