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D2 Steel Phoenix Rebirth Felling Axe

Original price was: $180.00.Current price is: $140.00.

D2 Steel Phoenix Rebirth Felling Axe $180.00 Original price was: $180.00.$140.00Current price is: $140.00.

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: High carbon steel, wood, ash wood, tung oil, patina, human soul, blessing of God, D2 Steel

Bushcraft axe “Fleur-de-lis and Phoenix”-D2 Steel- Camping axe- felling, chopping, and middle splitting axe. Steel Iron 6th anniversary gift.

The fleur-de-lis has been around for centuries—it even appears in relics from ancient civilizations. One of the earliest surviving examples is on a gold helmet from the Scythians, a European nomadic people from the 7th to 3rd centuries BC. Other ancient examples occur worldwide. For example, a statue of the Indian emperor Kanishka (AD 127 to 150) sported the symbol.
What Is the Symbolism of the Fleur-de-lis?
The fleur-de-lis is an iconic symbol that permeates modern culture. You can find the design at the top of fence posts, on the north point of a compass, on the pattern of fabrics, and in the details of countless designs. With each use, the fleur-de-lis holds unique symbolism. In a religious context, it may denote purity. French monarchs used the symbol to denote the divine right to rule. Ancient Egyptians used it to represent the snake that bit and killed Cleopatra.
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Phoenix is symbolic of rebirth, hope, renewal, progress, end of oppression, and eternity. It is no wonder that the beautiful bird has inspired many tales, poems, and even legends.

Through these legends and literary representations, the phoenix has become a symbol of the renewal of time. It has generally become the symbol of any kind of renewal that, with it, brings a period of happiness and good fortune.
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It’s the artistic work of Ivgen Janchishin, Max Dernovoy, and me.

5 1/4” (13,5 cm)- cutting edge length
25 3/4” (65 cm)- axe length
2 lbs (1000 grams)- head weight
3 1/2 lbs (1550 grams)- full weight

Hardness of the semi-stainless steel D2 56-57 by Rockwell (HRC).
Zoning hardening.
It’s more than enough to hew a hard kind of wood.

Wood for handle- Ash.

It’s hand-covered by the patina on the natural basement and impregnated and covered by tung oil.
4 wedges and central spike. This type of fixing increases the reliability of the joint and provides a long period of comfort exploitation of the tool.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions.

With very best wishes, Andy.


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