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Viking Axes

A Viking axe is an iconic weapon designed for both battle or splitting light firewood. The axe features a curved tip on the blade. The curved feature is ideal for shielding or hooking an opponent’s arm during a battle. Contrary to a traditional axe that is mainly fordged to split firewood and fell trees, a Viking axe is lighter, curved and doubles up as a weapon. Therefore if you are looking for a versatile weapon that offers more than what a traditional axe offers.

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Showing 1–9 of 64 results

A Viking axe is one of the most sought-after weapons of the Viking variety. The axe is not only ideal for day-to-day tasks but also a deadly weapon. Whether you are planning to go camping, hiking or any other outdoor adventure during the night, a Viking axe is an ideal choice for you. With a Viking axe, you will not only be able to clear paths during hiking or spilt firewood for your campfire but also fight off an attack from an opponent or animal. The axe is light and can easily be thrown around using a single hand. We have a wide variety of Viking axes designed to suit the needs of every user. Whether you are looking for a heavier axe with a longer edge or shorter handle, we have all the options that you may need for your household. A Viking axe features a curved blade and a strong wooden handle. The handles vary in size depending on what the axe is designed for. For example, a shorter handle is ideal for throwing during an attack while the longer handle is ideal for wielding and keeping an opponent at bay during a battle. Our platform features a variety of Viking axes specifically designed for various roles. While a Viking axe has widely been used as a weapon, it has now been embraced across many households. The axe is ideal for both ranged and close combat. The blade is mainly made of stainless steel while some are designed with iron. The handles are made of hardwood making the iconic axe one of a kind for both combat and household use. Also known as a bearded axe, a Viking axe weighs at least 1- 2kg. This makes it easy to wield or throw with one hand. The iconic weapon and tool is associated with Viking-age Scandinavians. Besides clearing bushes and splitting firewood, a Viking axe is a deadly weapon.
Similar to a battle axe, a Viking axe can easily be swung with one or both hands depending on the nature of the attack. Besides a long wooden handle, a Viking axe comes with a broad blade and sharp edge making it efficient in chopping and cutting the head of an opponent or animal. The Viking axe comes in different designs and shapes. The broad edge and design make the axe a valuable multipurpose tool for both home use and battle. The strength that comes with the axe makes it an effective weapon of war. Vikings leveraged the axe to tear weapons, shatter shields and improve their effectiveness during the war. This explains why a Viking axe was widely used by warriors in ancient times. Typically, a Viking axe is not only an efficient weapon but also a versatile tool for day to day use at home. The ability to perform an array of tasks makes a Viking axe a valuable tool that you should consider adding on your tool rack. Viking axes draw a rich history from Viking warriors. The warriors were feared in Europe for their
brutal attacks. Known for their close range fighting style, Viking warrior’s leveraged the power of Viking axes to subdue enemies. Forged with a higher carbon steel and an enhanced sharpness, a Viking axe is a must have tool and weapon that you should consider ordering from our platform. The axe comes with an average weight of 1 to 2kg.The thickness of the body on top of the edge is 2mm.This means users can easily leverage these features to either throw at an enemy during a battle or simply grab and attack with ease. If you are looking for a versatile weapon that you can leverage to either wield or swing quickly during an attack then we encourage you to purchase a Viking axe from us. We have a wide range of options designed for different roles. All you need is place an order on our platform and have it delivered at your door step, office or location of your choice. With a Viking axe, you can take your fighting skills to the next level through leveraging the sharp blade, light weight, hook and broad blade to attack and shield yourself from an attack. To achieve the best from a Viking axe, it is important to learn from experienced users to understand how to use it effectively. Once you understand the different tricks that you can apply to tackle an opponent, it becomes easy to get the best out of a Viking axe. Plus, you can leverage the blade to execute an array of tasks at home. Some of the additional tasks that you can execute using a Viking axe include splitting firewood, clearing bushes and many more. The wide cutting surface that come with a Viking axe makes it ideal in performing a wide range of chores at home. While a Viking axe is known to be effective in battlefield, you can do much with the weapon once you understand how to use it. Although a sword can sometimes be used in place of a Viking axe, it lacks the efficiency and versatility that a Viking axe offers. Typically, a Viking axe goes beyond what a weapon offers. You can cut the costs of purchasing multiple tools and weapons through stocking a Viking axe from sconce you add it on your tool rack, you can do more with it instead of buying more axes. Whether you are planning to slaughter an animal for the guests, clearing bushes, splitting tough pieces of firewood and many other tasks, a Viking axe comes in handy. Compared to swords that are mainly designed for war, a Viking axe is a versatile tool that cuts across daily life chores. Explore a wide range of Viking axe available on our platform now and experience a difference. We not only guarantee timely delivery but also help you stock premium quality axes at discounted offers. Besides delivery within the USA, we partner with reputable courier providers worldwide to ensure every order placed on our platform is delivered within the set timeframe. Therefore if you are stuck on where to purchase a high quality Viking axe ,it is high time you try out our platform.

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Timely Order Delivery

Enjoy timely delivery on all orders placed on our platform. We have an efficient order processing system that ensures orders are processed in real time regardless of location and time zone. Our automated order processing system reduces waiting time thereby improving the efficiency of our delivery process. In addition to an automated order processing technology, we have partnered with credible courier service providers in the USA and other parts of the world to ensure orders are delivered swiftly. You can count on us for fast, reliable and timely order delivery process.

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We invest time and effort in ensuring customers get value for money. You can therefore count on us to help you order a Viking axe that best suits your needs. Our team works round the clock to ensure customer needs are met. Our experienced team of customer service professionals guarantee unmatched service that you may not find elsewhere. Place an order now and let us help you order a high quality Viking axe at reasonable prices.

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We offer what we promise. Should we fail to meet your expectations, you can request a full refund. We are a credible platform dedicated to ensure every customer gets value for money. Order a Viking axe from us now and enjoy unmatched customer service.

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If you are looking for a reliable platform that you can purchase a high quality Viking axe then it is high time you consider buying one from us. Our team works 24/7 to help customers resolve issues they may be facing with their orders. Whether you are facing challenges with placing an order, experiencing delays or need a refund, you can count on us for a timely response. We put customers at the Centre of operations. You can always reach out to us for help regardless of location and time zone.

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We have a 30 day free return window that you can leverage to return an item you feel did not meet your expectations or dint fit the right description as per the order requested. The policy which is valid for only 30 days allows you to replace or return an item without incurring extra shipping
costs. Clients within the USA or any other parts of the world can leverage this policy to request the right orders without worrying about extra costs. We are a one-stop shop for any axes e.g. Leviathan axes, fire axes that you may require to add to your tool rack.

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We have an array of discounts that customers can leverage to cut shopping budgets on our platform. Besides 30% discounts on exclusive offers, we run seasonal promos to enable customers
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Variety of Options

Ranging from ancient to modern Viking axe designs, we have a pool of options that suit the needs of every customer. Whether you are looking for a light Viking axe, a curved tip with a hook along any other designs, you can count on us. Besides custom-made, we have aligned our catalogue with the evolving needs in the Viking axe market to enable customers to get the best out of our platform. Check out our platform now for top-rated Viking axes that you may not find elsewhere.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

We guarantee quality while offering premium Viking axes at pocket-friendly prices for customers in the USA and other parts of the world. Whether you are looking for a VIP type of Viking axe or any other type for your home, we have a wide range of options that suit the needs of every customer. Besides low pricing, we partner with credible brands to ensure customers get value for money from our platform. We have low-priced Viking axes that you can purchase to add on the youth tool rack without having to break the bank. From as low as $200, you can order a high-quality axe from us and have it delivered to your doorstep or place of your choice within 10 days. Place an order now and enjoy our exclusive offers on premium items.

Why You Need a Viking Axe for Your Home

Multipurpose Tool

A Viking axe offers more than what a traditional axe can provide. In addition to carrying out daily chores at home like splitting firewood, clearing bushes , slaughtering animals and many more, you can use it as a weapon. We therefore encourage you to purchase a Viking axe from us to save the cost of purchasing multiple axes at home. From as low as $200, you can buy a high-quality and iconic Viking axe for your home today.


You can leverage a Viking axe to enhance your safety during camping, hiking or fighting off an attack from an enemy. The broad blade, hook and sharp edge make it a lethal weapon that you can wield or use to attack an enemy from either close or far. Therefore, purchasing a Viking axe is a perfect option if you are looking for a tool that offers more than what an ordinary axe provides.


Use A Viking axe is ideal for executing multiple tasks at home. Whether you intend to split firewood, slaughter an animal, fell trees or clear bushes around, a Viking axe is a must-have tool for you.

Easy To Use

Unlike other sophisticated weapons, a Viking axe can easily be wielded during an attack or used to perform various tasks at home. For example, if you are a camping enthusiast looking for a tool and weapon that you can leverage to clear the camping area and split firewood for the campfire then a Viking axe is an ideal option. Besides being light, it comes with a wooden handle that can easily be used to grab tightly and effectively swing when using or under attack. Anyone can grab and use a Viking axe without having to undergo any training. The Viking axe is light, balanced and suitable for swift deadly attacks. The average weight is 1 to 2kg making it easy and effective to wield or throw during an attack. Whether you are looking for a weapon that you can easily wield or grab and attack an enemy or attack while keeping the enemy at bay, then a Viking axe is a perfect choice for you.


A Viking axe is one of the most advanced weapons among the axe series of tools. It comes with a hardened blade that combines both iron and steel. The hardened materials used in making the axe play a central role in ensuring the axe retains its sharpness and durability for a longer period. The toughness of the blade is what makes it a perfect weapon for war and other functions. In ancient times, the Viking axe was one of the most feared weapons in battlefields. It not only has the ability to tear through a shield but can also crack a skull. This informs why a Viking axe is still a dreaded weapon in many countries. In addition to a reinforced balance typically of a higher carbon steel, the Viking axe comes with a harder and sharper edge for better precision and power. This explains why the axe was popular among Viking warriors in Europe. Infect it is a prominent weapon that Vikings used during battles.


The broad blade that comes with a Viking axe makes it perfect for penetration during an attack. The sharp edge supports efficient cutting and chopping saving time and effort when executing outdoor tasks. Rather than struggle to hit several times before cutting, the hardened ,wide and sharp blade makes it easy to slice into parts through simple swings. This is why the axe has famously been used by hunters in attacking wild animals and as a defense from dangerous animals in the forest. Therefore if you are planning your next hiking or camping trip, it is high time you consider including a viking axe on the list of must have tools.The axe not only doubles up as a tool and weapon but is also powerful. Similar to a battle axe, the Viking axe is an iconic weapon that can easily cut off someone’s head. It is balanced hence can easily be held with one hand along with a shield during a battle. Generally, a Viking axe is commonly associated with Viking age Scandinavians. Made of carbon steel and metal heads, a Viking axe is a deadly weapon and tool that ranks better than an ordinary sword. Typically, the primary benefit of a Viking axe compared to a sword is the multifunctional utility. You can not just use it as a weapon but also as a tool for daily life chores.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Viking axe cost?

The price of Viking axe vary depending on the type you need. On average ,a Viking axe on our platform costs $150.

Do you deliver free of cost?

Yes. However, this depends on the terms and conditions set out on our platform. You have to meet
certain conditions to enjoy free shipping.

Can I ask for a refund?

Yes. We issue 100% refund on all orders placed on our platform. However, refund requests are reviewed and approved on a case-to-case basis.

Does buying a Viking axe offer value for money?

Yes. A Viking axe is a multipurpose tool and weapon. Instead of purchasing multiple axes, you can add a Viking axe on your tool rack.

What if I am not satisfied with the order delivered?

You can ask for a refund or request for a replacement.

How long does it take to receive an order?

It takes utmost 10 days to deliver orders within the USA. However it may take upto 25 days to deliver orders outside the USA. The delivery timeline is dependent on location and time zones.

Between an axe and a viking axe which is better?

An axe is mainly used for splitting firewood and felling trees while a Viking axe serves both as a weapon and a tool. While both serve almost a similar purpose, a Viking axe is flexible can perform multiple functions.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer upto 30% discount on various items. We also run an array of promotions that allow customers to enjoy discounts on premium items.

Do you deliver outside the USA?

Yes. We also deliver in other parts of the world.

Can a Viking axe be used to cut trees?

No. A Viking axe is lighter compared to a traditional axe. It may not be effective in cutting

What is a Viking axe made of?

A Viking axe is made of a hardened steel and a wooden handle

Which is better between a sword and Viking axe?

While both serve almost a similar function, a Viking axe goes beyond what a sword offers. A sword is mainly used for war while a Viking axe serves as a tool and weapon of war. A Viking axe therefore ranks better in terms of utility compared to a sword.

Why is a viking axe ideal for battle?

A viking axe ranks better among battle axes because it comes with a curved tip that can be used to stab an opponent and a tough blade that can penetrate a shield.

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